how to use airplane pillow

Use airplane pillow:the definitive guide 2020!

Use airplane pillow:the definitive guide 2020!

1. Try airplane pillow before buying pillows.

Travel neck pillows are usually of different sizes and specifications. Even if they are manufactured in the same batch, they are slightly different in hardness and softness, so the only way to know if they are comfortable is to try them. If possible, keep the receipt and try it before traveling. Maybe you don’t have to put your head on the chair any more, because you lack support.

2.Necessary inflatable pillow.

Inflatable travel neck pillows have the greatest advantage that no other pillow has, that is, they can save travel space. If you are inflatable, take a big breath and blow into the pillow through the air tube until it becomes full and firm. Once completed, cover the intake pipe immediately.
Of course, some inflatable pillows can automatically inflate. Usually, this includes turning the valve and slowly inflating the pillow. It’s better to check the instructions of the pillow to determine how to inflate your pillow.

Other noninflatable travel neck pillows are usually filled with foam or beads. Though they are not very small in volume, you will find them more comfortable.

3. Put a T-shirt or scarf inside your pillow to make it softer.

There are some inexpensive inflatable pillows on the market, which are made of plastic and have very rough surfaces, which make you feel uncomfortable. So cover your pillow with a thin, soft dress, such as a T-shirt or shallow scarf, to make it more comfortable.
You can also buy a detachable coat for your pillow. Please make sure that it is suitable for your pillow before buying.

4. Put the airplane pillow on your neck.

Airplane pillows are usually U shaped. They will fit the opening of the neck and the opening of the throat.
If your pillow is not U shaped, it can be designed to fit between your shoulders and your head. This special pillow restricts the position of your head, so it’s best for sleepers who don’t change their position.

5. Tilt your seat.

Most airplane pillows are designed to support your head because it tends to lean to one side or even lean forward. If the back is slightly tilted back, this position will be more comfortable. Tilt your seat gently and be careful not to put it too close to the passengers behind you until you can comfortably lean back.

6. Cover your eyes.

Even when flying at night, airplanes may be filled with tiny pieces of light coming from small electronic lights, which makes it difficult for us to sleep. Blindfold prices will not be too expensive, drugstores and beauty salons can be bought. Some travel pillows include a blindfold. You can also wear a T-shirt or a hat to improvise your sleep.

7.Rotating airplane pillows for different sleeping positions.

If you have a U-shaped travel neck pillow, try turning it around so that when your head sags forward, it will support your chin.

8.Sleep on Stomach.

If you want to lie down and sleep, put your pillow on the table. If you tend to lie prone, you will find that you can tilt forward more naturally instead of lying down. Try putting your travel pillow on the table and put your head on it.

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