how to wash travel pillow case

How to wash travel pillow case in 2020?

How to wash travel pillow case in 2020?

After reading this definitive guide, travel pillow case will be washed easily.

In my opinion, travel should be relaxing, but it can also be fatiguing, especially when traveling for more than three hours.

Frequent travelers or business travelers prepare a travel pillow before the start of a long journey, Especially a pillow designed for travel, which will make them feel comfortable.

However, no matter what type of travel pillow, we have to wash it  for next travel after a period of time.

Although different travel pillow are made of different materials, there are always suitable wash methods for them.

How to wash travel pillow?

Usually, there are two common ways: hand washing and machine cleaning.

Either way, it will make your pillow clean and easy to use for next trip. but different pillow materials determine whether we can wash the pillow by hand or machine.

Memory foam travel pillow case

Memory foam travel pillow is made of memory foam with special technology, it is not suitable for cleaning.

You will regret your behavior, if you try to clean it.

We can wash the travel pillow case, and it’s very simple to throw it into the washing machine like clothes.

Inflatable travel pillow case

Cleaning the inflatable pillow case is also simple, because the pillow core is air, we can let air out.

What we need to do is throw it into the washing machine, import laundry liquid or detergent, and then start it.

Cotton travel pillow case

The filling material of cotton travel pillow is simply treated cotton.

Many common things in our life are made of cotton, such as bed pillow, throw pillow and cotton jacket, etc.

It also directly indicates that we can put the cotton travel pillow into the washing machine to clean.

Microbeads travel pillow case

There is no way to remove the cover of Microbeads travel pillows like the memory foam pillow, and the material of the pillow core is very special.

So the most common problem of the microbeads travel pillow is whether they can be washed?

YES! Of course, but some brands of inferior microbeads pillows do not support washing.

Before washing this kind of pillow, you should always check the washing label!

Common high-quality bead pillows can be washed by hand. but it is limited to washing the surface of the neck pillow, which is the focus of this article.

1. Essential items: liquid detergent, two clean cloths and bowls.

2. Methods of operation:

Fill the bowl with warm water, then wet one dishcloth and reserve the other.

Dripping 2-3 drops of detergent droplets on a wet cloth, then gently rubbing and foaming.

Rub the foam on the rag onto the pillow and try not to penetrate the inner beads, if the effect is unsatisfactory, you can add more detergent.

Use another wet cloth to rinse and remove all foam as far as possible.

When finished, put the pillow in the sun or in a dry and warm place. Or you can use traditional machine drying.

If you use a machine dryer, just make sure that the minimum temperature is set to about 95% dry and then hang for a period of time.

Excessive heat can damage the pillow of beads! Do not use it until it dries and check for deformation.

The most important thing is not to use bleach! Any chemical will damage your bead pillow.

Some people use high-temperature water when washing pillows

Because high-temperature water is considered a substitute for bleach or other chemicals, which can easily kill dust mites.

Use mild detergents and do not use harsh detergents or soaps.

In Conclusion, your travel pillow always takes care of you. In return, you must take care of your travel pillow.

You don’t want to sleep with a bad-smelling ntravel pillow, do you?

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