How to sleep well in car with car pillow 2020?

sleep with car pillow

With the improvement of people’s income. every family can buy a car for walking or self-driving travel. why not take your kids to see the stars through the car panoramic skylight?

In fact, with the right plan and the right equipment. you can sleep well in any car. Whether your goal is to travel around the world or just seek stimulation to sleep in the wild. these tips can help you get quality sleep in your car.

Did the car pillow can help you sleep in the car?

Privacy space

Even in remote places, there may be some explorers around you car.

If you are preparing for your sleep, the worst thing is that strangers are peeping through your window.

How can we solve this problem?

Simple curtains. You will find out what kind of privacy these will create. and make you feel very relaxed. Not only that, but curtains also have additional benefits. they enhance safety and help regulate car temperatures.  curtains can make you cooler in summer, and additional

insulation can make you warmer in winter.


Every time you visit the wilderness. you will find that there is only ourselves in nature, except for quiet rivers and forests.

But it is often different from what we imagined in reality.

On the contrary. you may find yourself in a freeway rest area or a bus stop where it may disturb your rest. If you have a budget. you can use several disposable foam or silicone plugs. Or choose a pair of hi tech Noise Cancelling Headphones. These can make you use beautiful music to reduce noise.

Even better. You can also take an eye mask, even with privacy curtains. there is no guarantee that a ray of light will not enter your car. Absolute darkness will give you enough melatonin and sleep better.

Keep warm

Whether in summer, winter, or in some places. the temperature in the car will be reduced. Once the sun goes down, the burning desert will become very cold. You will be surprised.

Therefore, keeping warm is one of the essential factors for you to sleep well in the car.

The most effective way to keep warm is sleeping bags. Because you can’t take your quilt with you. and the warmth of the quilt may not be as good as you think. Of course. if you think the sleeping bag is too heavy, or it exceeds the price you can afford.

You can consider configuring a bag with a higher temperature level and adding an electric blanket.

You can also try super woolen sweaters to increase warmth. but the best way is sleeping bags, simple and convenient, which is a little expensive. but it is really worth it.


One of the biggest problems in sleeping in a car is to keep the circulation of air.

In a closed space, the temperature difference between inside and outside of the car is very large.

If you can’t solve it, you will find that there’s a layer of condensed fog on the window when you wake up.

Another more serious problem.  if the air in the car is not circulating, you will be unconscious or even die from lack of oxygen.

The best way is to buy a window ventilator or a small fan. These gadgets can be placed on the top of both sides of the window. while sucking in air, or pumping out carbon dioxide in the car, forming a cycle.

Set up before you arrive.

If you decide to go to a campsite. you can arrange everything before you leave. not only to avoid the trouble of fumbling around but also to remain invisible.

Stop in front of a lighted gas station or other open space ahead of time, clean up your bed and put on your pajamas.

If you have a shading curtain, open it before you reach your destination. In this way. when you arrive, you will not shine.

Nor will you take root outside the car when the headlights are on, interrupt others and attract more attention.

This method will make your sleep habits smoother and prevent you from being disturbed.

Arrange your space

Sleeping on a car will let you master the concept of “spatial efficiency” soon.

In order to prevent madness. it is important to keep in good order. Luckily, there is a lot of auxiliary equipment that can help you.

For example. DashGrip is a rectangular cushion that you can put on your dashboard to effectively store keys, mobile phones, tablets, change, and other gadgets.

ZoneTech’s MountTray is a portable tray for cars, mounted on steering wheels, providing space for eating, writing or watching movies in the car. It is easy to fold and store when it is not used.

In addition to all the gadgets, there are many practical ways to keep your space organized. A simple way is to store a night cloth with a tarpaulin under the car. This gives you plenty of extra room to sleep and stretch. (Note: put food in the car, so your breakfast will not become a bear’s food). Another way is to tie the rope on the ceiling handle and hang the clothespin on it.

Take your car pillow.

Last but not least, bring your car pillow, or use a travel pillow . you can try the car pillow if you forget to take travel pillow. With ultralight pillows for hiking, you must have your most comfortable pillow in the car. Once you start taking risks, you can hide it in the car, but don’t leave it at home. Believe us, you won’t regret it.

As a professional manufacturer, we are committed to giving the best products to our customers in lower price.

Unlike traditional pillow manufacturers, travel pillow are our strengths.

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