Why a reliable travel supplier is so important for travel agency

Why a reliable travel supplier is so important for travel agency?

Why a reliable travel supplier is so important for travel agency?

Every travel agency nowadays has to find a reliable travel supplier to ensure that its business remains viable and continues to grow.

what is the travel supplier?

Travel supplier means each airline, hotel, car rental company, cruise line or other entity providing travel related goods or services.

Yes, we are one of the travel supplier, travel pillow is our main product.

Travel pillows, just as the name, are used to help people get better rest while traveling.

Today, travel pillows have become one of the must-have products for travel.

A good travel pillow is essential to help people get better head support with maximum comfort.

Before traveling by plane, car, or even train, the most important thing for a travel agency is to ensure customer‘s comfort.

Especially traveling by air is considered one of the most uncomfortable travel experiences.

Unlike first class or luxury travel, when sitting in economy class, the seats are close to each other, there’s no possibilities of movement.

And if you provide your customers with free travel pillows, then this is the smartest choice.

Traveling by car or train is better. but we can also provide customers with travel pillows to get better rest.

For travel agencies, nothing is more important than customer’s satisfaction.

But it is necessary for travel agency to develop new customers.

Travel pillow can help you., to be precise, a travel pillow with your logo can help you.

In general, providing value-added services to customers is something that every travel agency must do.

Giving the gift is one of them.

But gifts bought from a local wholesaler or supermarket can’t help your business.

So the travel pillow with your logo becomes the best gift for your customers.

There are two reasons:

First, a good travel pillow can help you further increase the satisfaction of your clients.

Second, the travel pillow with your logo deepen customers’ impressions of your travel agency.

Your customers will think of your travel agency when they are ready to travel again.

Their friends, classmates, or family will see this travel pillow with your logo, and they will ask:

Why is your travel pillow so cool?

Why is your travel pillow so comfortable?

Where i can buy this travel pillow?

Now, just give your customers a travel pillow with your logo or name, and let your customers advertise for you,

As one of the most powerful travel pillow suppliers in China, Putian has entered the travel pillow industry for almost 15 years.

We accept OEM & ODM services, custom logo is easy for us.

Our PTNK-No.1 travel pillow is developed based on feedback from customers around the world.

We know that quality is important to our customers, and it is important for us to provide the highest quality travel pillows at the lowest price possible.

Over the past 15 years, we have worked with countless customers worldwide.

With our 5 years of supply experience for Japanese customers, Putian can confidently say that we only provide the best quality travel pillows.

This is our advantage:

The perfect travel companion

The PTNK-No.1 travel pillow is designed to fully support your head.

Some passengers are unable to reach the seat headrests, and even if they do, the headrests are difficult to comfort (may be difficult or clumsy).

In this case, the travel pillow supports the neck to make the travel experience comfortable.

Our travel pillows are made of high quality memory foam.

The memory foam can be adjusted according to the shape of the neck.

Prevents neck stiffness and fatigue

The unique chin design of PTNK-No.1l travel pillow can release your chin.

Now you don’t have to turn. you can rest your face on either side of the support to ensure good sleep.

Easy to maintain and durable

The PTNK-No.1l travel pillow is easy to clean. The lid is washable and improves the life of the travel pillow.

May reduce sleep apnea and fight

Memory foam travel pillows keep your neck straight. This means that your airway is not blocked, preventing sleep apnea and snoring.

If you wake up because someone is calling on a bus or airplane, you will appreciate it.

With so many advantages, it’s actually surprising why some people don’t carry a travel neck pillow when traveling.

There is no doubt that PTNK-No.1l travel pillow is one of the best travel pillows on the market today.

It has many benefits that other travel pillows cannot provide.

Welcome to contact us to request a quote!

We will become a reliable travel supplier for you.

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