The Best Neck Pillow Supplier You Need To Know Right Now

Putian is a neck pillow supplier. We mainly produce Memory foam neck pillow, Microbeads neck pillow, Inflatable neck pillow, PP-Cotton neck pillow, other neck pillow and other related product.

Over the past years, our R&D team has provided a range of neck pillow products. It is widely used in tourism, medical, automotive and home textiles.

Advanced Equipment

We have the most advanced automation equipment on the market and self-contained equipment that is uniquely designed according to our neck pillows, including a set of equipment developed by our founders.

Through the data, we know that other neck pillow supplier have a production capacity of only 2,000-3,000 semi-finished products per day.

We can produce 5,000 semi-finished products per day.

In terms of speed, we are 1.6-2 times faster than other manufacturers.

Hash Requirement

In the past five years, we have maintained close cooperation with Japanese customers.

As we all know, Japanese companies have very high requirements for products, which may be related to their culture。

In order to do better than other neck pillow supplier, we strictly control the quality of our products.

The truth make us believe that we can get the Japan customer because we can meet all the customer’s product requirements.

Mature Technology

Compared with the ordinary neck pillow, the memory foam neck pillow is the mainstream in the market.

The products produced by each neck pillow supplier are different. the biggest difference is the support and comfort.

Some neck pillow supplier produce neck pillows, which are comfortable. but it can’t support the neck.

Some product can support the neck but it is not very comfortable.

It involves the foaming technology of the memory foam pillow.

After many experiments, calibrations, comparisons, we finally get the data which provide enough support to meet the user’s best comfort.

The thing allows us to lead other manufacturers in foaming technology.

But our printing technology is the best, other manufacturers can not do, we can print it on the product

As long as you have ideas and designs, we can turn it into a sample of the product and send it to you.

Our aim is that other neck pillow supplier do not have anything, we have. Something they also have, we can do better than what they do.

One-Stop Service

We have the best R&D department, integrating design, molding, sample making, mass production, packaging and transportation services.

As long as you have ideas and designs, we can help you turn it into a physical reference for you.

What you need to do is just contact us.

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