Is the Kids memory foam Pillow Really Fit For Kids?

First of all, what is the memory foam pillow?

Memory foam pillow is a very comfortable neck pillow.

The pillow core material is space memory cotton, which was invented by NASA scientists to protect astronauts in accelerated flight.

Memory cotton can disperse body pressure, so it is used to make mattresses and pillows.

The advantages of memory pillow include relieving neck pain, protecting cervical vertebra and improving sleep.

Many people with sleep problems or cervical spine problems like to use memory foam pillows. Many parents are also considering buying a memory pillow for their children.

Can kids use memory foam pillow?

1. Children of appropriate age can use special kids memory foam pillow.

From a scientific point of view, memory foam pillow is not suitable for infants, but kids can use memory foam pillow completely.

Memory pillow is very comfortable, It can disperse head pressure, protect children’s cervical vertebra. Memory pillow improves sleep and is also effective for children.

However, adult neck pillows are not necessarily suitable for children. Children need smaller and lower memory foam pillows tailored to their needs.

Thus, children can use the memory pillow completely. And there are many benefits. Parents can buy a lovely and safe memory foam pillow for their children.

2. Do not use memory foam pillow for  infants or childrens who are too young. The following hazards may occur when infants use memory foam pillow:

  1. The baby is too small, the body is not matured yet, the head is too light, their head can not give enough pressure to the memory foam pillow, It will affect the development of the baby’s spine.
  2. The main components of memory foam pillow are polyurethane and polyether, which are easy to oxidize and release toxic substances, which is not conducive to the growth of infants.
  3. It will restrict the natural growth and development of infants. Intelligence should be properly developed in infancy.

It takes more than 4.3 months to start using baby pillows of 1-3 centimeters.

Advantages of kids memory foam pillow

  1. Anti-bacterial and anti-mite, slow-rebound sponge inhibits the growth of fungi and eliminates the stimulating odor produced by the growth of fungi.
  2. Air permeability and moisture absorption, because each cell unit is interconnected, moisture absorption performance is excellent, but also breathable.
  3. Absorbing impulsive force, the neck pillow can protect children’s neck and cervical vertebra. Because the force of the head and neck is very average, it feels as if it is floating on the water or clouds, and the skin feels no pressure.
  4. The ability of memory deformation and automatic moulding can fix the skull and reduce the possibility of falling pillow.
  5. The ability of automatic moulding can properly fill the shoulder space, avoid common problems of air leakage in shoulder bedding, and effectively prevent cervical spine problems.

Disadvantages of kids meory foam pillow

The main components of memory cotton are polyurethane and polyether.

Its physical properties are unstable, easy to oxidize and yellowing, and release toxic substances.

Alkaloids need to be added to preserve it for a long time.

However, the oxidation process can not be stopped at all, especially when exposed to ultraviolet light, the oxidation process is accelerated and the odor is released.

Because the sponge products you often see are milky white at the beginning and yellow after a period of time, which is the reason for oxidation.

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