inspect airplane neck pillow

The definitive guide: Inspect airplane neck pillow 2020?

How to inspect the airplane neck pillow 2020?

The airplane neck pillow are magical, tired people can enter their good dreams with it after ending all day’s work.

But you don’t want to spend too much money to buy a damaged pillow.

In this article, we will teach you how to inspect airplane neck pillow? What are the inspection contents and selection methods of pillows?

1. What are the inspection contents when choose a airplane neck pillow?


Measure and confirm the length, width and height according to the formulation.


According to the established density (weight) test.

If there is a special requirement of the customer to set the weight, it must be tested according to the customer’s requirement.

Density can be distinguished according to quality difference.


The slight deformation without affecting the appearance and size can be allowed, and the product B can be judged as serious deformation.


Mild contamination or cleaning, non-cleaning and serious contamination can be allowed to be classified as product B.


Depth not exceeding 5 mm and length not exceeding 2 cm are non-sticky. Depth and length beyond this range are also allowed.

But they can be bonded without affecting the appearance. Serious depth and length can be glued and then judged as B product.


It allows slight peeling but does not exceed 10% of the total product area. Serious peeling beyond shipment is classified as B product. Desquamation on both sides is expected to be a bad product.

Accumulated water

It is allowed that the water surface does not affect the appearance, the skin does not fall off and there is no hard skin. If the skin is exfoliated or hard, the product B shall be judged.


The normal color is creamy yellow. Surface yellowing or aging is classified as B product.


Permissible depth of 1 cm, length of 2 cm not more than 5 places, beyond the depth of repairs must be allowed, can not affect the appearance.

If it exceeds a large area, needs to be repaired and affects the appearance, it will be judged as B product.


The voids are not more than 3 cm and may be allowed to be no more than 5. Excessive judgement is B. Influencing the appearance of the product is judged as undesirable.

2. Introduction of memory foam airplane neck pillow selection methods:

1. Observe the density of airplane neck pillow:

The higher the density of this memory foam airplane neck pillow, the better the quality. Density can be determined by the weight of the pillow.

That is to say, the same volume of memory pillow, the heavier the weight, the better the quality.

2. Understanding the slow rebound characteristics of this pillow

The memory foam airplane neck pillow is not restored to its original shape immediately after being stressed, but slowly restored to its original shape.

In fact, this is a wrong understanding. The rebound time of the general memory pillow is 3-5 seconds, which is not to say that the longer the better.

When you buy it, you can press the memory pillow to feel whether it is slow rebound and how long it will take.

3. Smell the airplane neck pillow

Because airplane neck pillow is made of memory foam, so there will be a little odor in the whole life.

Don’t worry about it. It’s normal. So when we buy it, we should put it in a cool place to dry for a week or two.

The general odor will dissipate. If the odor persists for a long time, we should consider memory. The quality of pillows is a problem.

4. Temperature effect of memory pillow

Generally, memory foam airplane neck pillows have a temperature effect. At low temperatures, memory pillows will be hard. At high temperatures, memory pillows will be soft.

You can observe the hardness of memory pillows under air-conditioning environment, or you can hold the memory pillow for a few minutes to see if it will become soft.

Good memory foam airplane neck pillow is sensitive to temperature.

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