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Best inflatable Pillow : The Definitive Guide ( 2020 )

Best inflatable Pillow : The Definitive Guide ( 2020)

Many people choose pillows very carefully because they know that this is very important when it comes to protecting their neck and head while sleeping.

Nowadays, many people choose inflatable pillow for many reasons.

On the other hand, some people are confused about the choice of this inflatable pillow, because they are not sure how to inflate the neck pillow.

Inflatable pillows are not science. In fact, it’s a simple process and won’t take too much time. How to properly make the inflatable pillows blow up is very important.

Why choose inflatable pillow?

Inflatable pillows are great for travel because they are very portable.

If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t want to walk around with a pillow, that’s a good choice.

People can simply put it in a bag and take it out only when it is about to be used.

They can also increase or release more air as required to adjust the hardness or softness of pillows.

Unlike ordinary people, they must simply tolerate their soft foams or solid fillers. In addition to portability, inflatable pillow have medical benefits, and they can fully support the head and neck.

In fact, many doctors recommend using inflatable pillow to improve sleep and prevent neck stiffness.

Those who sleep on their backs sleep well with inflatable sleepers because it prevents their heads from turning sideways.

This pillow supports the neck at the right height. In addition, the pillow helps prevent snoring and helps to keep the whole sleeping respiratory tract open.

How to inflate the neck pillow: follow the steps correctly

Neck pillows are different from each other, and inflatable pillow are no exception.

Some are self-expanding, while others are valves requiring pumps. Others have been stuffed, so they only need some lead.

How to inflate the neck pillow is quite simple, often takes a few minutes.

For those who need to inflate through the mouth, just blow in the opening, while gently squeezing the valve, allowing some air to enter first.

Other pillows may require a small pump because they have small valves that need to be turned before blowing.

The first step in inflating this pillow is to locate the valve that controls air expansion.

Then the valve must be unscrewed and the pump pipe must be placed on the valve.

Pump air until the pillow is full of air.

Quickly remove the pipe from the pillow valve and close it immediately to keep the pumped air inside.

If you find that the pillow is too hard for you, open the valve gently and let some air out until you are satisfied with the softness or firmness of the pillow.

It is strongly recommended that users read the manufacturer’s pillow inflation manual or guide.

These products are different from each other, so it would be helpful to spend time reading and understanding user manuals.

Care instructions for inflatable pillows

People must follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure the life of the inflatable pillow.

First, keep the pillow on a pointed object, such as a pen, pin and pin.

Direct contact with these objects can permanently damage pillows.

Keep in mind that any hole in the pillow will degrade its function because of air infiltration. Pillow packaging is also crucial.

Unlike other pillows, these pillows need to be handled more carefully because they are more sensitive than ordinary pillows.

Sometimes, extreme heat can spoil the material.

Besides, be sure to follow the instructions given by the manufacturer. Many inflatable pillows are used only for hand washing.

Washing them with a washing machine can cause damage or permanent damage.

Other manufacturers even warn against cleaning products because long exposure to water is not feasible.

Another option

Although inflatable pillows have their advantages, some people don’t want to deal with additional treatment and prevention measures for this project.

Therefore, they will look for other types of pillows, which have the advantage of inflatable pillows, but do not require complex nursing instructions.

If that’s the case, it’s better to have another pillow. Memory foam pillow is also a good choice.

Lots of doctors would suggest that memory foam pillows should be stored in specific body parts for patients suffering from neck diseases or those who want to avoid stiffness and pain.

After all, memory foam pillows have the same advantages.

Memory foam pillows remember and follow the contours of the head and neck. Therefore, there is no need to adjust the pillow, because it can “remember”.

And, this pillow is very suitable for those who lie on their back or side, because it can provide the necessary support for the head and neck.

They are firm enough to keep both parts of the body comfortable throughout the sleep process. When sleeping on the back, it can prevent the head side from falling down.

Memory foam pillow also prevents anyone from snoring. This is because it helps to open the airway, which is crucial to prevent snoring.

This pillow also has different sizes, which makes it a great travel companion. Although it can’t be folded as inflatable, it can be conveniently placed on luggage and bags.

Just find a memory neck pillow with a locking function that can safely place the pillow on your bag.

If you want the advantages of inflatable pillow, but there is less trouble in nursing and storage, then memory foam pillow may be good for you.

However, if you don’t have baggage space, the inflatable type is the way to go.

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