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How To Choose Neck Pillow? I believe you saw someone sleeping with it when you were flying. Yes, it’s neck pillow.

Does it look cool, and sometimes you see it on a traveler’s backpack, and then you try to think, ‘Well, are they really comfortable and worth carrying around?

In this article, I will tell you: is it worthy to buy a traveling neck pillow? At the same time, there are many suggestions to choose pillows and how to buy them.
I once doubted whether the neck pillow was effective. In fact, I confirm that they look a little weird or even silly. But believe it or not, I am now a bold travel advocate.
However, the biggest problem with pillows is how to find a decent pillow. I try not less than 10 different travel pillows, but only one or two of them really work.
So is it really worth buying a good travel pillow? If so, what kind of travel pillow is suitable for you?

First of all, we need to understand: what is a travel neck pillow?
I’m almost not sure if the name is called a travel pillow. Or “neck pillow”, both of which are more fashionable, but whatever its official name is, what I’m describing is just to make my meaning clear.
The so-called travel neck pillow, I mean, the pillow is designed to be “U” shape, wearing around your neck to provide support and comfort, making sleep easier.

What kind of travel pillow is suitable for you?


Obviously, when it comes to pillows and sleeping, comfort is the most important. You want something that you can rest at any place, according to your preference.
When we use these pillows, we will sit in an upright seat, such as on a long flight. So remember this when choosing a travel pillow.
The main purpose should be a pillow, so that you feel very comfortable, each of us has different habits, so choose a pillow, you must feel it is the most comfortable.


Unfortunately, sometimes neck pillows are very suitable for you. After several uses, they start to change, becoming less comfortable and unable to support your neck. Unfortunately, it’s hard to judge, so it’s worth looking at different neck pillows to see which ones are market-recognized and durable.
Even though I have expensive pillows and cheap pillows, I haven’t been able to withstand the test of time. Although you pay more for your travel pillow, it does not mean that it will continue. So, when you choose, look at other people’s experience and see if they are worth it.

Easy to carry

The common characteristics of the travel pillow must include this and easy to carry. Under normal circumstances, the most comfortable may not be too small.
Therefore, it always needs extra bags or tightness to help.
If your travel pillow comes with a bag, it will protect your travel pillow from any dirt, etc. Of course, it’s also good to have a button or elastic strap clipped to the outside of your backpack/daily bag.


For myself, the travel pillow is actually helping me get a good sleep.
If you have to spend something, you should buy more good pillows to keep your trip going. If you buy cheap, you may need to buy another one in a few months to replace it. In the market, a good travel pillow costs about 20-40 dollars. You shouldn’t spend more money.

My travel neck pillow experience

Inflatable pillow

On previous flights, I had never used a travel pillow, so I decided to buy my first travel pillow and wear it on the next flight. I bought an inflatable one for about $18 because I thought it could inflate, which meant it could deflate and be easy to carry.
This really helps me with the next flight.

Pillow with cap

I also tried a hat (yes, it’s a hat), which I bought from a tourist shop (not an airport) because it can cover my eyes and make my neck feel warm and comfortable.
But the price of about $40 makes me think it’s too expensive for this product, and the feature of wearing a hat on a neck pillow ultimately makes no sense… Not only that, it may be too hot to wear a hat, but of course, if I want to close my eyes, I will use my blindfold.
The biggest problem is that every time I use it, the hardness will disappear, which will not support my neck.
I’m not saying that all those with hats are like this, but some traveling pillows filled with foam particles will cause this problem to become more and more unstable over time.

Upscale pillow

If you listen to this name, you will have a high expectation of it.
The neck pillow claims to have a human engineered memory foam, which features the front shoulder strap to support your chin, and even a portable bag.
I have to say some very good features.
After trying this pillow, I can definitely say that this is the most comfortable traveling pillow I have ever used. It provides 360 degrees of support, very comfortable, the characteristics of the front belt is really very different, can adjust different sizes. Therefore, the price of about 30-40 dollars is very reasonable.

Key recommendations for buying travel neck pillows

On trial

Try several different styles of neck pillows and find what you like. When it comes to comfort and sleep, everyone is different, so personal preferences are more important.
For example, do you like to sleep with your head on the left or right? If so, you will need to provide support on both sides of your neck.

Review comments

As mentioned earlier, it’s important to know how long your neck pillow will last and how effective it will be when you really start using it.
Consult people who are using travel pillows at the airport, but unfortunately they won’t tell you how durable they are.
Do not buy neck pillows at the airport, the price is often higher, online shopping mall to buy cheaper.
Airports are often places for people to buy travel pillows. Therefore, there will always be similar marketing methods to guide them to spend, such as the last few pillows. Some people will spend money on it.
It’s wise to test airport travel pillows, where there are many options. If you want to save some cash, buy your favorite online.

Conclusion: should you buy a travel neck pillow?

In long-distance travel, the ability to sleep well in different modes of transportation is worthwhile. Sometimes you complain about why you can’t sleep in a dull flight. Travel pillows can help you realize this possibility.
Travel pillows are a cost-effective way to go, mostly between $10 and $50, but they can make it easier for you to fall asleep on long trips.

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