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Cotton Pillow’s Simplest Way To Be Made By Yourself 2020

Cotton Pillow’s Simplest Way To Be Made By Yourself

The cotton pillow for neck is designed according to the contour of human head, neck and shoulder.

It has different shapes and fillers, and also has different uses.

Whether you’re traveling, working, or at home, if you’re tired and need a nap, a cotton pillow filled with polyester will make your nap more comfortable.

If you wake up with a stiff neck, a travel neck pillow with a soft filling material will make you feel better.

But the market is full of neck pillows with different quality, inexpensive neck pillows with poor quality, good quality neck pillows with expensive price, even some expensive neck pillows also with poor quality. If you have a pillow, you don’t know if it fits you and how good it is.

Although you can try it before you buy it, it’s only temporary. If you don’t have a high requirement for a pillow, we can make a simple cotton pillow for neck by ourselves and enjoy the softy and the comfort while providing support for your neck.

1. Draw the shape.

Draw a U shape on  paper and cut it down. It needs 12 inches (30.48 centimeters) and 12 inches (30.48 centimeters) wide. Its arm should be 4 inches (10.16 centimeters) thick.

If you think this is difficult for you, you can find one on the Internet.

If you want to make the pattern symmetrical, first fold the paper in half, then draw a half U shape on the folded paper, cut it out, and unfold it.

2. Cutting

Cut out the patterned paper, cover it on your fabric, leave a mark along the edge, form a U-shaped outline, and then cut it with scissors. Next, fold two pieces of fabric together and turn right inside. Nail the pattern onto the fabric, cut it off and

remove it. Re-nailed to the fabric.

Choose soft fabrics, such as flannel or wool. Jersey or cotton can also be used.

The cover can be same colors or same patterns, or adjust them. Consider using one side’s solid color and the other side’s pattern.

4. Suture pillow

Stitch the pillow, but leave a small gap for rotation and filling. Start and finish stitching on one side, leaving a 4 inch (1016 cm) gap. It is better to use a matching thread color.

5. Ends Sewing

The loop at the beginning and end of sewing. This will keep your stitches firm and prevent them from being untied.

Cut the V shaped incision into joint. The cutting is as close as possible to the suture without actually cutting it off. When you turn the pillow over, the notch will make the pillow smoother.

6. Turn Right

Turn the pillow out. Put your hand in the pillow, grab the opposite end, and pull it through the mouth. If necessary, use your fingers or knitting needles to help seams.

7. Fill

Generally stuffing materials can be cotton, or sponges and particles and so on. If you want to use this as a therapeutic pillow, you can use rice instead, so you can heat it in a microwave oven and hang it around your neck.

But the cotton pillow is easier than other neck pillow.

Through the above steps, you can have your own cotton pillow. If you feel that the support is not enough, you can add more fillers. How to balance the support and perfect comfort depends on you. But you don’t think the money is a big problem

for you, you can buy a good enough slow rebound memory foam travel pillow, it is really very comfortable.

As a professional manufacturer, we are committed to giving the best products to our customers in lower price.

Unlike traditional pillow manufacturers, travel pillow are our strengths.

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