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Car Neck Pillow: the definitive guide 2020?

Car Neck Pillow’s Function That Make Your Drive Easier

A good car neck pillow will make your drive easier.

With the development of the times, more and more people have their own cars.

Frequent drivers should have the experience that they will feel stiff muscles in their shoulders and necks.

They want to relax their muscles and musclesm,when they drive for more than an hour.

Long-time driving increases the pressure on shoulder and neck muscles.

When muscles harden, capillaries also harden, it will cause blood to flow abnormally.

One of the important functions of blood circulation is to transport nutrients and oxygen, recycle waste, and lead to fatigue and fatigue of the body.

But you don’t have to worry about it, the car neck pillow will help you.


Long-term driving can worsen blood circulation. The body is easy to feel fatigue, which is harmful to human health!

Proper rest can alleviate neck fatigue. In the case of traffic accidents, the protective effect of automobile neck pillow on neck should not be underestimated.

Whether or not the car neck pillow is installed, it will lead to different results.

The automobile neck pillow can effectively cushion the huge instantaneous impact when the accident occurs, protect the fragile neck bone and reduce the risk of neck injury.

When the vehicle collides, the acceleration and deceleration force of the vehicle are all pressed on the fragile neck of the person.

The automobile neck pillow can effectively protect the head safety of the personnel in the car and reduce the damage of the neck position.

The neck pillow not only enhances driving safety, but also has decorative function.

A new German study shows that height is a risk factor because many neck pillows are too low to protect shorter men.

Therefore, higher occupants are prone to head and neck injuries if their protective devices are not adjusted.

Data show that placing the protective device on the center of gravity or the top of the center of gravity of the head can reduce the possibility of neck injury at the back end.

The probability of correct use of protective devices is 40% lower than that of wrong drivers.


To reduce head and neck injuries during impact, neck distortion must be controlled within a minimum range.

The car neck pillow is very important. Because of the different occupants’ height, the car neck pillow can also be adjusted in a different range.

1.Adjust the angle between the body and the chair correctly so that the back can be as upright as possible. The angle between the neck and the body tends to be gentle, which reduces the degree of injury during the collision.

2.The distance between the hindbrain and the car neck pillow should be as small as possible, up to 4 centimeters, so that the collision can play a buffer role on the neck.

3.correctly adjust the height of the car neck pillow. The neck pillow should be installed at least parallel to the upper ear or about 8.89 cm below the head of the crew. After the neck pillow is adjusted, the car neck pillow is firmly secured, so that the car neck pillow can not be swayed.

4.the protective effect of the fixed car neck pillow is much higher than that of the adjustable neck pillow.

5.the rear seat of a car should also be installed with a safety neck pillow.

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