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What is the best pillow for neck pain in 2020?

What is the best pillow for neck pain in 2020?

Find a best pillow for neck pain is what you need to do if you can not if neck pain affects your life.

With the development of science and technology, mobile phones have become an indispensable part of everyone’s life, which directly leads to a higher risk of neck pain, especially for those who sit in office for a long time.

What cause the neck pain?

Playing a cell phone for a long time

According to statistics, everyone spends one-third of their time playing mobile phone every day. While walking on the road, you can see those who play mobile phone everywhere. In real life, many “Phubbing” look at their mobile phones more than 45 degrees, or even 60 degrees. When the head is low to 60 degrees, the weight of the cervical spine is 60 pounds, which is equivalent to hanging two big watermelons on the cervical spine.


Keeping a sitting posture such as watching TV and playing computer for a long time, it will cause or aggravate cervical spondylosis if the neck is stiff for too long, coupled with bad habits such as bowing your head or crossing your legs.

Cold Wind

Temperature drop will cause neck muscle contraction. Generally, it is impossible for both sides of the muscles to contract exactly the same. There are always some imbalances, which will pull the cervical spine joint out of its original equilibrium state. The blood vessels in the muscles will also be squeezed and deformed, resulting in insufficient blood supply to the muscles. At the same time, the blood vessels in the neck will also contract, causing the insufficient blood supply to muscles. This will also lead to cervical spondylosis.


The pillow is too low so that the head is always in a sinking state, the neck muscle is easy to spasm, and the pillow is too high so that the neck muscle is always in a pulling state. It will make cervical vertebrae maintain high tension and cause cervical discomfort.

Sleep in the car

The neck is most afraid of emergency tension. For example, when people doze in the car, their cervical vertebra is relatively fragile when they are in sleep. If they encounter an emergency brake, their cervical vertebra is very vulnerable to injury, dislocation and nerve damage when they are serious.

Torsional neck

After a long period of work, there will be tension and soreness in the neck muscles, and some people begin to twist their heads. This kind of movement should not be done frequently, especially when the muscles on both sides have different acid tightness. Twisting the neck can easily lead to joint dislocation, ligament strain, and shoulder displacement.

Side wrench neck

When massage is relaxed, many people like to let the masseur pull his neck sideways and “enjoy” the clicking sound of his neck. This sudden passive neck movement may cause ligament, muscle and bone damage, aggravate pain, and may also cause dizziness or even fainting due to sudden blockage of a vertebral artery.

How to find a best pillow for neck pain

Filling Material

You have to try different travel pillow if you want to find a best pillow for neck pain.

At present, there are several kinds of filling materials on the market, such as particles, cotton, air and so on, but the most comfortable is the slow-rebound memory foam pillow. The slow-rebound sponge was originally developed as a high-tech material for NASA space program.

It is specially designed for helping reduce the stress of astronauts during take-off and landing. Due to the unique decompression function of slow rebound sponge, the pillow and mattress with slow rebound can let the body rest in a natural, pressure-free position. And this material can adjust different shapes according to body temperature.

The memory foam travel pillow was recommended if you have no idea about pillow for neck pain.


As we all know, the soft and hard degree of pillow gives people a completely different feeling. If it is too hard, it may aggravate our neck pain. If it is too soft, it can not support the effect. So a good pillow for neck pain will make you feel that your neck and head are perfectly supported, and feel very comfortable. this is a very important factor when you choose a good pillow for neck pain.


With a perfect pillowcore, the last is the pillowcase. if a travel neck pillow is comfortable, but the pillowcase is rough, which makes your neck very uncomfortable, it is really a bad shopping experience. Generally speaking, human skin is very sensitive to external things, let alone wearing in the neck, we all know the blood in the neck. The tube is the largest, so the neck pillow is really too important for the neck.

It can be seen that a good travel pillow must have many advantages at the same time, and our neck pillow uses slow resilience memory cotton as the pillow core, after numerous technical debugging, finally the pillow core’s soft and hard and support degree to the ideal state, enough support force while making you feel incomparably comfortable, and for the pillow. Sleeve, we use super soft spandex, and add elastic bands, suitable for different sizes of neck.

As professional travel pillow manufacturer, we have entered the travel pillow industry for 15+ years.

Our memory foam travel pillow is developed based on feedback from customers around the world.

When used, this pillow can be wound around the neck and pasted above the shoulder. With the protection of this pillow,  the head has a strong support when you lean on the seat.  So soft and comfortable when you sleep, the head will not swing left and right, just like sleeping in bed.

It made of premium memory foam, which can provide the most average, gentle and real support for the head and neck. it does not hinder blood circulation, avoids neck and shoulder pain caused by napping.

The neck pillow can be used in various occasions, it is absolutely healthy and comfortable, and has obvious preventive and therapeutic effect on neck diseases. Cervical pillow is suitable for daily office leisure (such as computer operation, television and long-distance travel), daily office. it’s easy to cause spinal strain, the use of neck pillow,  and also can effectively prevent spinal strain. Neck pillow is a good choice for drivers who are suitable for long-distance driving. It can adjust the driver’s head 15-20 degrees, avoid the pressure of jugular vein, reduce fatigue, and is conducive to safe driving.

1. Its unique ergonomic design of neck pillow can effectively prevent neck injury and play a good supporting role for the neck.

2. The space memory cotton has good slow resilience and temperature memory characteristics. It can perceive the temperature of the human body, regulate the density of pillow, and achieve the purpose of sticking to the cervical vertebra.

3. For long-distance travel friends, it can greatly reduce the fatigue caused by cervical spine on the way, help us get high-quality rest on the way, reduce and reduce neck pain caused by long-distance travel.

4. For long-distance driving friends, can make the driver’s head adjust the curvature of 15-20 degrees, avoid cervical vein pressure, reduce fatigue, greatly improve driving safety.

5. Suitable for daily office and leisure. Whether play computer for a long time, watch TV at home, or eat lunch can effectively prevent cervical spine injury.

6. For sedentary office workers, it can be used as a cushion to support the spine.

7. Lunch break at work can be used as a pillow for napping. Sleeping in bed will no longer cause numbness due to arm compression. It can effectively relieve people’s pressure, promote blood circulation, and also provide you with a short and comfortable lunch break.

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