Airplane Pillows: Free Advertising Carrier for Airlines

airplane pillows

Airplane pillows will become a necessity for everyone.

As the aviation industry becomes more competitive, some of the world’s leading airlines say their biggest business challenge is determining how to let more people know about them.

In recent years, on time performance has become the pursuit of every airline.

However, it is also essential to provide travelers with high-quality and reliable services, because there are many factors that affect the on-time performance, some of which are beyond the control of airlines.

Customers today want more connections and a better digital customer experience overall. However, few brands engage with customers in depth through channels and rely on random one-time posts to spread their message.

With these seven tips, you can build deeper relationships with more customers to increase brand awareness and loyalty.

1. Follow the “client is God” rule

Stop focusing on yourself and focus on the customer. To shape a positive experience from a customer perspective, your airline brand can follow these five steps:

  • Interact with a friendly attitude.
  • Listen to your customers’ unique situation and understand their needs.
  • Providing accurate factual information helps customers make decisions.
  • Beyond customer service expectations, they will remember and share their valuable experiences.
  • Remember your customers’ preferences and predict their future needs.

2. Understand your target audience

Personalization has insight and awareness of customer preferences, aversions, needs and desires. Use customer insights gathered from social interactions to engage with customers.

3. Participate in social media

For airlines, one of the most popular sales technologies is the use of social media. In active circles, your content will appear in search results near the top of the page.

Knowing your target audience is not enough. You must also interact with social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and more. That’s because Google ranks higher on content spread over these networks than others.

4. Drive informed decisions through data

Leverage the power of customer data by having the right people in customer data at every touch point at the right time.

One of the best applications for using data effectively is to provide tailored transactions that are targeted and relevant to each customer.

5.Embrace the video

Not only do you invest in a large budget, you also need to make a small video specifically for a custom audience. Video is also an innovative and effective way to humanize your brand in a crisis.

6. Use the power of the crowd

Ask questions to the online community or self-service knowledge base.

At London Gatwick Airport, a screen inside the terminal shows the airport’s live Twitter feed. The widespread public attention means that in addition to airport customer service agents, passengers and guests can answer their tweets to each other.

With peer-to-peer support, your customers will gain knowledge and insights, while also getting advice from their most trusted customers (other customers). In addition, this support is the most economical way to satisfy customer inquiries.

7. Let customers drive more customers

Today, rich social media has closely linked customers with his family, friends and colleagues.

On the surface, we serve only one customer, but in fact the quality of our services may affect many future customers (potential customers).

Have you noticed how many photos of air travel posted by your friends on Facebook or Instagram?

That’s because most people don’t often have the opportunity to travel by airplane, they want more people to know that this is their first air trip, and people like to brag about their travel itineraries on social media.

Operating a world’s leading airline, if we can always be active in the customer’s social network, then one customer can bring us one customer, ten customers, even hundreds of customers, but this is our uncontrollable factors, it depends on the personality charm of the customer, what we can do is how to stand out in the customer’s social network.

On-time performance and comprehensive service are provided by every airline. how to get customers is what airlines need to do.

Gifts are common in life, but if the gift doesn’t really help the customer, the customer may just leave it.

But if this gift can help the customer a lot, even make the customer inseparable from it, then the customer has a great possibility to actively share this pleasant aviation experience with this gift in his circle of friends.

This will help us to get the family, friends and colleagues of this client.

Just as people cannot sleep without a bed or a sofa,  What is their purpose when people travel by air?

This is a simple question for every airlines company.

Business trips or just go to the next travel destination. However, air travel always requires sleeping to replenish energy.

As we know that sleeping on the plane is very bad, especially in economy class. The narrow leg space is difficult for customers to sleep well and even cause customers to complain.

But there is a gift that can help customers get a better rest, and that is the airplane pillows.

The airplane pillows is designed to sleep on the plane, and the unique shape can help customers to rest better in the narrow seat. If the airline company can provide customers with an airplane pillows with their logo , and even give it to customers.

Once the customer shares this pleasant experience in his social network, then it is equivalent to the airline did a free advertisement. People would be affected by the photos of friends and book air flights.

What if the customer don’t like sharing?

In fact, this is not a problem at all.

Once the customer like the airplane pillows, he may always use it.

As long as the customer uses the travel pillow with the airline logo, everyone around him is our potential customer, which will obviously increase the visibility of the airlines company.

Powerful airplane pillows supplier in China

As one of the strongest wholesale airplane pillows suppliers in China, Putian has been in the travel pillow industry for near 15 years.

We deeply understand that quality is key to our customers, and how important it is to provide the highest quality airplane pillows, at the cheapest prices possible.

Over the past 15 years, we have worked with countless customers around the world.

Thanks to our 5 years of supply experience for Japanese customers, Putian can confidently say that we provide only the highest quality travel pillow.

The quality of airplane pillows is uneven, and the prices are not stable. If airlines can only spend a small budget to upgrade the customer’s travel experience, then a poor quality airplane pillows may be destroy the customer’s pleasant flight experience.

In fact, the key lies in how airlines treat customers.

If airlines simply treat customers as customers, they are not willing to do so.

If airlines consider customers as god and are willing to do more for them, then customers must bring more customers.

Customers are loyal to a satisfying travel experience, not a airlines brand.

If airlines can’t provide a complete service and a satisfying experience, then you will have fewer and fewer customers.

Only in a traveler-centric way can you create an awesome end-to-end digital customer experience and build ongoing relationship.

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