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Memory foam knee pillow

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Memory foam travel pillow

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Office Nap Pillow

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Cartoon pillow for kids

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Pillow manufacturer China

Pillow Manufacturer China

PT Pillow is a well reputable pillow manufacturer China and is known to be as the direct manufacturer of travel pillow and memory foam pillows, microbeads pillows, and cotton pillows. Our Pillow Manufacturers China business has been running since 2003 in the area of Jiangsu. We offer custom pillow option with which you can easily enter your dimensions choice. Likewise, you can select the pillow cover type as well as filling type.

Why Choose our Pillow Manufacturers China?

PT Pillow manufacture and export all kind of memory foam pillows, microbeads pillows and cotton pillows. We use the finest quality of natural filling as well as non-recycled polyfibers. Pillow manufacturers China offer lower price for our customer. The shipping of our products is extremely fast as well as much reliable. We value the terms hard work, sustainability as well as honesty.

What Pillow Manufacturers in Jiangsu offers?

1. Production Quality: High production capacities, Quick turnover rates

2. Strategy: Global as well as Domestic

3. Customization: Products reshaped to the requests of customers

4. Product Assurance: 100% guaranteed satisfactory product

Industries Pillow Manufacturers China Serve:

1. Travel Agency: Help your guests to get a peaceful sleep with our quality travel pillows.

2. Airport Shop: For all business people who travel frequently, we help provide them with our best products.

3. Exhibition Gifts: We provide wholesale pillows to the exhibition organizer to help them promote their exhibition.

4. Government: We, at PT PILLOW are proud to serve our government agencies too.

5. Retail: We have also shown our magnificent work in the retail sector.

6. Online Shopping Mall: We have supplied hundreds of quality products to Online Shopping Malls.

7. Private Label: Tell us your design and we will manufacture it in our own way.

8. Correctional: Due to our quality, flexibility, and durability of our product the correctional places are also getting benefits.

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We’ve been cooperated with Putian for 6 years, their leading time was so fast and help us save a lot of time.


We are essentially an online store providing all things, our pillow subscription keeps growing and our customers love the pillows!


For more than 5 years I have totally been put at ease in our pillow supply. They have good management in quality and delivery.


Putian has brought us such a relief that you never have to worry about the process, they take care of everything for us!